Camiguin Island, Philippines

This trip started out as a usual chit-chat day-dreaming talk we had with my barkadas and promised to buy plane tickets as soon as we can get a seat sale promo from airlines. Who would ever thought it would become a reality? Day-dreaming isn’t really bad after all when you’re already tasting it. Thanks to Cebu Pacific Air for the seat sale!

Camiguin is the Philippines’ second-smallest province.  It is an island province on the northern coast of the Mindanao archipelago known for its waterfalls, volcanoes and natural springs.  It is also dubbed the country’s Lanzones (Lansium parasiticum) capital.

On a breezy Wednesday morning, we arrived in our humble accommodation in the island, ate breakfast, prep and head towards our first stop. This cove is breath-taking. Promise!

The Wanderlost  barkada in Tongatoc Cove.

We took a couple of pictures at the cove and went straight next to Camiguin’s famous Walkway to the Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross. After paying 10 pesos for the environmental fee, we walked up the walkway, which is the province’s popular pilgrimage site for Roman Catholics, especially during the Holy Week. Since the sun is too hot that made the climb too tiring plus I got menstrual cramps (so disgusting!) that time, me and my friend, Aya, stopped at the 12th station. Breath a little, enjoy the view and then we head back down to rest. Though the walkway is beginner-friendly, I suggest you bring liquids to rehydrate.

Our faces before we climbed.

After 20-25 minutes of walking back and forth, my friends decided to visit the Old Church Ruins. Took few pictures, and went back to the list.

We then proceeded to the famous yet creepy (for me) Sunken Cemetery.

Lifted the cross of the Sunken Cemetery so it won’t sink again. Haha. just kidding! 😀

Thirsty, sweaty and smelly feeling got us like, “Can we swim?” but,  yeah, it looked kinda creepy in my head to swim in a Sunken Cemetery with human bones, tombs and rotted fleshes under me (tho, they allowed people to swim and do snorkel. Jeez, I am just a paranoid kid). I just can’t. My imagination is haunting me. hehehe.

Moving on, we looked for somewhere to swim and amazingly, Eugene, our local tour-guide and Aya’s relative, suggested Sto. Nino Cold Spring!

Me and my bestfriend (Aya) doing the mandatory bff selfie.
Free fish spa! 😀

Gosh! Best feeling ever. The water is cold as expected and gave us the right chill for the scorching heat of the day.


Mingled with these cool Israeli new friends too. Coz why not?  😉


Later in the evening (who would go to a hot spring on a firey afternoon, right?), we went to Ardent Hot Spring but unfortunately, it wasn’t that hot as what we expected. Tho it has levels (of hotness), but then we went on to the “hottest” one but nah, it was really not that hot. 5/10!



We didn’t went on leaving our tummies unsatisfied in our first day. Dined at Checkpoint Food and honestly rated it 10/10. IT WAS DELICIOUS + AFFORDABLE. It is really a must-try resto!

Seafood curry, Sizzling gambas, all-time favorite fried chicken and mango fruit shake.


After dinner, we hit our sacks and got some plenty of rest to enjoy the beach-day tomorrow.

Day 2: Sailing to White Island
Who wouldn’t give “pak-ganern” pose in this beautiful sandbar?


Mt. Hibok-Hibok at the back.

Next is the undeveloped Tuasan falls. We had experienced the virgin beauty of it. There were no entrance fees when we went there but sooner enough they will require one since the development is about to start and will be commercialized. tsk.



Meanwhile, here we are swimming again WITH THE GIANT CLAMS. Looks scary! But they’re cute coz they’re piled according to color. Before the guides let the tourists swim with the clams, they also made sure we are educated on what those clams are and what they are/are not capable of. They gave us also warnings not to touch any of them for safety.


Our third day got us screaming like, “I need more beach!”. So, welcome to Mantigue Island! Though the boat is a bit pricy as well as the environmental fee, snorkel and the vests, it will all be worth it. Luckily, we went here with few people around (mostly foreigners). So we really enjoyed it’s serenity, powdery white sand and the pristine blue water.


Macao Spring, Camiguin

It was a hot gloomy afternoon when we went to Mantigue Island. Basking in the scorching heat in the island made us look for a spring-not-listed-in-the-itinerary or maybe we just slip it out — the Macao Spring. This is literally perfect after the whole afternoon of laying ourselves to burn. Heheh. However, we didn’t stayed that much on this place since

1. It’s getting dark already.
2. There’s a some sort of snake in the place. duh!
3. We already appreciated it’s blue water and the perfect cold we are looking for. yay!

This would make me rate as 7/10 coz there were some uncomfortable moss we stepped under the water.

Wrapped-up the day with a dinner at Samuel’s by Vjandep.

Vjandep is the brand popularly known for their mouthwatering pastel, used to operate a restaurant in Mambajao, Camiguin.

This is our last day in this magnificent island.

Over-all, the trip was just amazing. Much more when you’re with your best pals. Though we went only a few of the tourist attractions in Camiguin but surely, we savored each places we went to and didn’t went home empty handed. Truly, traveling may took us a lot of money but also gave us unforgettable memories and contemplation that we never expected we needed in life.

The adventure didn’t end just there. We’ll comeback for those places in the island we’ve never been to, trek and camp by the Mt. Hibok-Hibok crater.

We did enjoy! Hope you too and follow your wandering feet.


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